Asiya Gimborg
Art Historian
As an art historian from Saint Petersburg with a specialization in Ottoman art, I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and love of art with others. My expertise extends to a wide range of topics within the field, including art history, architecture, and culture.
In addition to my academic pursuits, I am also committed to educating others through both online art lessons and offline art projects. Whether through virtual classes or in-person art trips to beautiful locations, I aim to inspire a deeper appreciation for art in all its forms.
My art breakfasts have become a popular way for art enthusiasts to come together and enjoy stimulating conversation in a relaxed and entertaining setting. These gatherings provide an opportunity to discuss art, history, and culture over a delicious meal, creating a unique and engaging experience for all involved.
Whether you are an art lover seeking to deepen your knowledge of Ottoman art, or simply looking to explore the rich and fascinating world of art, let me be your guide.
Because art is not something to be just looked at; it is something to be experienced.
Art History, Decorative arts and Attribution
Saint Petersburg State University of Culture

Teacher's Diploma
Teacher for adults and kids in cultural institutions
Saint Petersburg State University of Culture
Teacher's Diploma
Teacher for adults and kids in cultural institutions
Saint Petersburg State University of Culture
Master of Science – Public Relations
Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University 2006-2012
"The Magnificent century of Ottoman Art"
In 2022 I signed a contract with one of the top publishers in Russia.
The book became a bestseller in the art category, the first print was 3500 copies, and the second was 3000.

In 2023 I signed a contract for a second book, which will complement the famous series of books "The short story of...", and will be about Islamic Art.
Aimed at fellow professionals, there scientific publications are the result of my extensive research on matters related to details and general themes in Ottoman art and design.
Offline Projects
Immersive art trips with an art historian to Turkey, Uzbekistan, and Belarus (2022 - present)
Art trips are the perfect activity for those who want to dive into the culture and history of a country and experience it's art, beauty, and culture firsthand in the most amazing way possible through immersive travel.
Each tour includes the Author's route with an emphasis on different periods of the country's history.
Each program includes several practical workshops: ebru, calligraphy, Ottoman cuisine, etc. under the guidance of local experts.
Because art is not just something to be seen, it is something to be experienced!

Art Breakfasts, immersive excursions, creative masterclasses and degustations (2018 - present)
I love to deliver an unforgettable experience of studying art, because to me art is not just something to be looked at, it is something to be experienced in a complete way. That's how I developed the idea to host art talks and combine them with enriching experiences like a wine degustation with a professional sommelier, painting, or making a floral composition.
I love how this immersive approach to art makes people widen their view and approach to art and life and I enjoy sharing this with individuals, big businesses as a guest lecturer and celebrities as a private guide in the art world.
work with celebrities as a private guide in the art world.

Discovering Art with Kids, preschool center "New History" (2018 – 2020)
To me, art as always been something that needs to be experienced, not just looked at. And nobody understands this better than kids – who have a natural preference for experiencing things. That's why working with children (age 5-10) at an education centre, teaching them about art history and creativity in an approach tailored to their abilities was a magical experience.
In 2020 this became an online project called "Art Room".

Сreative project "Living masterpieces", 2020
I remember when I was a little girl, my mother subscribed to a glossy magazine, and in each issue, there was a section by the famous photographer Ekaterina Rozhdestvenskaya in which she reconstructed famous works of art into photography.
Assembling a creative team (make-up artists, hairstylists, background design,… ) I set out to bring this childhood memory to life again and create a moment of magic

Online Projects
Lectures and certified courses of history of art
Online Lectures
Since 2017, I have been actively involved in educational projects as a guest speaker. In addition, I have diligently researched and prepared over 100 lectures on various painters and styles to deliver engaging and informative presentations covering topics ranging from West to East.
As my approach to art means it isn't just something to be looked at rather something that needs to be experienced, even in these online lectures I always strive to make things as interesting and interactive as possible.
Reach out if you'd like to know more!
Online Courses
Welcome to the Eastern Academy project!
Here we offer students a comprehensive education on the arts of various Islamic countries, with an emphasis on their historical and cultural significance rather than their religious aspects. To achieve this goal, we've brought together 8 experts in the fields of Oriental studies and Islamic culture.
The course covers art, architecture, and design from Syria, Egypt, India, Uzbekistan, and the Maghreb regions, and I'm excited to share my expertise in Ottoman art. This course is designed for anyone with an interest in art, whether they're art historians, art professionals, or just art enthusiasts. No prior experience is required.
Throughout the course, you'll have the opportunity to learn about traditional art forms, such as calligraphy, book miniature, architecture, fine arts, and interiors, and how they relate to European art. We'll also examine their influence on fields like fashion and design.
To enhance your learning experience, we've included practical lessons, like building an Ottoman ornament and practicing calligraphy. Our teaching materials include the author's sketches for clarity, as well as abstracts and a list of additional sources, such as books, articles, and monographs.
Courses and Certificates
International Management and Business Academy (Saint-Petersburg)
Active sales and communication
Islam: history, culture, praxis
Learning to look at Western Architecture
V&A Academy
Italy and the Islamic World 1300-1700
In 2012-2015 studied at Hermitage "University of European Art"
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